Science and Ethics

Science and Ethics

'Logoetix' is a novel mix of old concepts: 'logos' (Greek: science; word; logic; spirit) and 'ethos' (Greek: ethics; good behavior). Joined together, they mean: 'science for the sake of goodness' or 'Logic governed by ethics'.

Knowledge, education, innovation and science are very important for the progress of humanity, yet it seems that we have just recently begun to notice their role and impact. The purpose of this website is to show how science, knowledge, innovation etc. can be used for good and do good. Science can be enlightening and bring people together. Science can save lives, solve the problems of poverty, energy and pollution. From time to time, I will also post useful information from different areas of knowledge.
green technology innovations

Innovation and economy

Investing in science and technology pays off quickly and in a myriad of ways. Science could be the key of economic recovery and future progress.

information technology

Information age

In the 21st century, knowledge and education should be available to everyone - completely free or at a very low cost. Computers and information infrastructure have contributed to the progress of culture, society and art.

scientists and engineers

Scientists and engineers.

Most things that make our lives easier, were invented by scientists and engineers. The rest of society, however, takes this for granted and does not respect them nor value them as much as they deserve.

Lilypad floating city

Lilypad - sustainable floating city

People may one day live on water.

Neil deGrasse Tyson We are all connected

We are all connected

To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically. - Neil deGrasse Tyson

Jan 8, 2013

Free online education - websites and channels

learning on the web

Education is crucial for the progress of society. However, education is not available to everyone and because of that many problems occur.  But all around the world there are enthusiasts who aim to make education available to everyone. Their strategy is to migrate knowledge and the process of learning from libraries and classrooms to the Internet. This is a list of good courses and lectures that are available on the Internet free of charge and to everyone.

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